Jay Chrysler
Vital statistics
Position Captain
Age 640, Physically 32
Status Alive (Formerly deceased)
Physical attributes
Height 5'11"
Weight 75kg

Jay Chrysler was the captain of the JMC Mining Vessel, Blue Dwarf. He was apparantly killed when he was forced to manually detonate a nuclear bomb in the Hymenoptera  hive, destroying the deadly species. However it later transpired that he was exracted by the Space-Time-Continuum-Police in the moment of his death and spent the next 600 years (or 300,000,000.00 years, depending on your perspective. Either way, it's a long time coming) as an Enforcer for them while secretly searching for his lost command. He eventually rejoined his crew.


Chrysler is one of four children. His younger sister Vanessa being a nurse in Blue Dwarfs medi-bay for many years before she was killed, along with the baby son she had with Dr Keto in the cadmium leak.

Now, 3,000,000 years on his known family consists of his 2nd wife, Katrina "Kitty" Chrysler (nee' Salter) and their 4 year old son, Max, born after Jay and Katrinas supposed deaths.



Jay first appeared on 21 January 2001, in a post that was creatively given no subject. Following this he appeared more or less constantly throughout the Blue Dwarf story, being involved to some degree in most stories, being a major part in a large number of them until his 'death' in Jay-Pocalypse now, on 07 April 2011. He didn't appear again for over 6 months, before reappearing in "An Enforcer Calls" on 14 November 2011, and has been largely involved in the story ever since.

He is one of the longest running characters, having made more appearances than almost any other character.