Blue Dwarf Distress Call

Blue Dwarf Distress Call


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All about the internet RPG spinoff to Red Dwarf.


Blue Dwarf is an unofficial Play-by-post role-playing game based in the fictional universe the TV series Red Dwarf. It was originally set up in April 2000 by David Ball.

In Blue Dwarf, members assume the roles of characters by posting stories about their characters in an online forum. The story is based around the crew of the Blue Dwarf, a giant blue space craft, who went into stasis after a Cadmium II radiation leak. The crew awoke after 3 million years to find their home not as they left it.

Blue Dwarf is currently played on the OngoingWorlds website, but was originally played on a Yahoo Group for 10 years.

  • In 2011 and 2012, Blue Dwarf won the award 'Outstanding Red Dwarf Sim' in SimEnc's Tournament of Simulations.
  • In February 2013, Blue Dwarf was nominated for a Squiddie award.
  • In 2013, Blue Dwarf won the award 'Best Red Dwarf Sim' in the Tournament of Simulations.

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