Blue Dwarf

Jupiter Mining Corporation
Blue Dwarf
Type Jupiter Mining Corporation

Mining Ship

Origin Earth

6 miles (10 km) long, with over 2000 levels

120 cubic miles (480 cubic km)

Crew Compliment 169 or 1,169 (Depending on source)
Current Crew Numbers 23
Top Speed 200,000 mph (original specs),

Not to be confused with the stage in a star's life cycle of the same name.

Blue Dwarf is a space vessel in the Jupiter Mining Corporation and the sister ship to Red Dwarf.


Some time after the events of RD: The End the crew of Blue Dwarf staged a mutiny against the corrupt JMC.A pitched battle resulted in the drive plates blowing, forcing the crew into stasis, and the ship was thrown through a wormhole to the far side of the galaxy. When the crew came out of suspended animation millions of years later, the ship wasn't quite the way they'd left it...


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